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Aug 29, 2015
11:53 pm
Aug 26, 2015
10:57 am
Aug 25, 2015
5:35 pm
Aug 23, 2015
10:19 am
Aug 21, 2015
10:33 pm
This month marks my 10th anniversary on deviantart, so we're going to take this time to look back over the years.

I originally joined da on 2005 so that I could share my art with my friends as well as a wider audience, as well as continue to be productive while heading off to Iraq. (War should never stop creativity) My very first piece was:
 Sebine and Tan'nal by Velox-Mortis
Sadly the girls didn't get that many views.

Over the years I have made a few very talented an interesting friends here. I'm happy to say that three of them stuck around the whole time. This year alone I've added a few more to the list.

Of course I've lost a few friends over the years. Difference of opinions can take its toll. But I am grateful for those that have lasted.

November 2005 through 2006 I was deployed to Iraq. The art continued.

In the summer of 2006 I received my first (read only) Daily Deviation.
Swear by Velox-Mortis
Over 67,000 views on this bad boy. It was awesome, though very time consuming to respond to all the comments and thank everyone for the favorites.

2007 my art continued to grow...despite playing way too much World of Warcraft...and I meet Lady K, who would stick around.

Mature Content

Ezel by Velox-Mortis

One of my favorite drawings from 2007.

Over the years I've been slowing developing a story which I hope to one day turn into a web comic. It seems like I never have enough time to really flesh it all out. But I continue to design and develop the characters for the story here on DA, which is where I plan to post the pages once I manage to convince myself it is ready to share.

The Gallery of Characters thus far:…

2009 Lady K and I visited New York for our pre-wedding honeymoon.
Who you gonna call? by Velox-Mortis
I had your action figure as a kid!

Late 2009 Lady K and I got married. I'm happy to report that we still are.

2009-2010...Sometimes it takes awhile to get a drawing right.

Mature Content

Mort Relaxing by Velox-Mortis

Mature Content

Even Death gets a Break... web by Velox-Mortis

I'm sure I'll rework this one again in the future.

2010-2011 I again found myself deployed, this time to Africa (so damn hot). It actually made me miss Iraq. At least I got to stop in and wander about London for a few hours.
Big Ben Background by Velox-Mortis
After coming home, I returned to school and went after a degree in Graphic Design...because photography was too expensive. I learned a lot about preparing work for publishing. (Hopefully it will come in handy down the road)

2012 I left the Army after 14 years of service. I continued developing my characters.

Eve the Healer by Velox-MortisD Closeup WIP by Velox-MortisAnnaul'ya WIP by Velox-Mortis

2013 was a busy year. I tried to push myself creatively and pushed too hard. I did a sketch a day from January through April...then sporadically through May. I graduated with an Associates in Graphic Design...though I would never find work in that field.

Late 2013 my son Nicholas was born. Though you won't find any photos of him here on DA (too many pervs) He has really changed my life. (In good ways of course...minus all that sleep I lost) Since his birth my work has slowed, I am the stay at home parent, so most of my time is devoted to him. That said, I still find ways to make art.

 The girls that started it all.
Love knows no Rules Censored Version by Velox-Mortis

Mature Content

Love knows no Rules by Velox-Mortis

More character development.
Dead Eye by Velox-MortisZoe WIP Preview II by Velox-MortisAnnaul'ya Armor by Velox-MortisD Unbound Preview by Velox-Mortis

2014 would see my art style start to make its largest change in many years. I started to loosen up my lines and start thinking more about lighting, etc.

Always working on my characters, while adding new members.

Mature Content

Mort in pose by Velox-Mortis
A girl named Shaw by Velox-Mortis

2015 my style is still changing, eventually it might be something that really stands out...but only time will tell. This year also marks a first for me, as I started to share little bits of writing from my story. (which has received no comments you lazy bums)

Arri's late nightArri
Above the magic shop in Port O lived the elf who owned it. Arri ran the shop all day, sometimes even late into the night for some of her more eccentric customers.
This left little time for a social life, which undoubtably is why she lived alone. Though on this night as she looked about her loft at the mess, she figured there were many reasons for her loneliness.
Fuck it, she thought to herself, she'd clean in the morning. Examining herself in the mirror before going to bed wasn't the best idea for her self esteem. She stuck her tongue out at her reflection before walking away...but it was no longer her reflection.
A shadowy female form with long straight horns coming from its head was looking back at Arri. "Goddess damn it all! I've asked you not to do that" she growled at the mirror. "Have you the information I seek?" The reflection's voice was hollow and seemed to echo about the room.
Arri sigh as she looked through a stack of books on a near by table, the pile falling to the fl
Captain CaliaCaptain Calia
Calia is the captain of the guard in Port O. Like most elves who make up the largest portion of the port's inhabits, she was once a slave.
Despite the poor treatment from her human masters long ago, she holds no ill will toward humanity as a whole, and gets along with the few humans that call the port home. That said, she refuses to set foot into the human strong hold of Blue Cliff.
Life in Port O is quiet for the most part. There is a trade agreement with Blue Cliff that keeps peace between the two. A few drunken brawls at the local tavern tends to be the largest concern of the guards.
Though lately something stirs in the Forbidden Forest. Some locals claim beasts are going to come and devour them all if a wall isn't constructed soon. Calia considers these claims to be utter nonsense. After all, she knows of several Tenchi living in the forest, and they've made no mention of the beasts.
Calia spends what little free time she has with her best friend, rather only friend,

New Characters.
Arri by Velox-MortisCalia by Velox-MortisArri and Calia Trying new things by Velox-Mortis

Character development never ends.
D Looking Back by Velox-MortisKer by Velox-MortisAkasha by Velox-Mortis

I'd say my time here has been productive. I have no plans on leaving, so hopefully we'll see another decade of work here on deviantart. Only time will tell.

Thank you to all my watchers both new and old. I look forward to entertaining you for years to come. And if you like what you see, don't forget to favorite my work, so others can see it as well.


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Originally born in the Hell fires of California, he would become a world traveler before finally settling down in the dreaded K.C. Metropolis. Now he masters his skill set all the while plotting to unleash his twisted tales upon the unsuspecting world.

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