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D Looking Back by Velox-Mortis
D Looking Back
D from my World Akasha story line. "That look she'd give me from time to if she could see my soul." ~Michael

No use without permission. Comments always welcome.
Arri and Calia Trying new things by Velox-Mortis
Arri and Calia Trying new things
Calia didn't care much for the Soup of Doom, far to spicy for her liking. Arriana couldn't stop herself from ribbing her friend.

You can read about these characters in the on going short story:

Part one:…

Part two:…

World Akasha and the characters within are copyright to me, no use without permission. Fan art is always welcome.
Calia by Velox-Mortis
New character in the works. Arri's best friend.

She is featured in this short story:…

World Akasha and the characters within are copyright to me, no use without permission. Fan art is always welcome.
Captain Calia

Calia is the captain of the guard in Port O. Like most elves who make up the largest portion of the port's inhabits, she was once a slave.

Despite the poor treatment from her human masters long ago, she holds no ill will toward humanity as a whole, and gets along with the few humans that call the port home. That said, she refuses to set foot into the human strong hold of Blue Cliff.

Life in Port O is quiet for the most part. There is a trade agreement with Blue Cliff that keeps peace between the two. A few drunken brawls at the local tavern tends to be the largest concern of the guards.

Though lately something stirs in the Forbidden Forest. Some locals claim beasts are going to come and devour them all if a wall isn't constructed soon. Calia considers these claims to be utter nonsense. After all, she knows of several Tenchi living in the forest, and they've made no mention of the beasts.

Calia spends what little free time she has with her best friend, rather only friend, the magic shop keeper Arriana. They've been friends since childhood. Of course most of Cali's free time is late at night, when Arri is normally shit-face drunk or worse. Tonight was no exception.

"What do you mean you were talking to the mirror bitch? You were talking to yourself?" Cali was giving Arri the same puzzled look she used every time the subject got too deep into spell craft.

Arri just laughed as she took another shot. The two of them sitting on the floor in her loft, as usual her pants were no where to be found.

"No no, silly, the mirror was being used as a form of projection. The creepy bitch has contacted me several times in the past looking for information on binding spells and such." Arri suddenly burst into the laughter of a lunatic as she feel over backward. "As if anyone could cast binding! Not only is it complicated as all hell, but you'd have to be as powerful as a Goddess to..."

Cali watched as her friends face turned deadly serious and rather pale. "What is it? Don't get all spooky on me now!"

"I forgot where I was going with that. Sorry, heh, at least the creepy bitch paid well, hence the fine drinks of this evening." Arri poured new shots for the pair.

Cali sipped at hers. The room was starting to misbehave as it had a tendency to do during these late night visits. Her face felt like it was going to burn off. "You, the way you trailed off, had me thinking it was the end of the world...bitch." She said playfully sticking her tongue out.

Arri bit her lip in a wicked grin. "Careful, I might just bite that tasty tongue of yours." She was always a flirty drunk. They both laughed. Cali always laughed off her advances...when they were drinking.

This night of drinking would end just as all the others had, the pair passed out, usually on the floor. The captain of the guard couldn't be seen stumbling home drunk off her ass after all.

She'd sleep it off, cook breakfast in the morning, though Arri would be a useless mass until the food was ready. Then head home and get ready for another long day of paperwork and such.
Captain Calia
Yet another new character in the works.

A short story I'm working on for my larger World Akasha story. This is a rough draft to the pages I plan to draw out soon.

Arri can be seen here:…

World Akasha and the characters within are copyright to me, no use without permission. Fan art is always welcome.

Above the magic shop in Port O lived the elf who owned it. Arri ran the shop all day, sometimes even late into the night for some of her more eccentric customers.

This left little time for a social life, which undoubtably is why she lived alone. Though on this night as she looked about her loft at the mess, she figured there were many reasons for her loneliness.

Fuck it, she thought to herself, she'd clean in the morning. Examining herself in the mirror before going to bed wasn't the best idea for her self esteem. She stuck her tongue out at her reflection before walking away...but it was no longer her reflection.

A shadowy female form with long straight horns coming from its head was looking back at Arri. "Goddess damn it all! I've asked you not to do that" she growled at the mirror. "Have you the information I seek?" The reflection's voice was hollow and seemed to echo about the room.

Arri sigh as she looked through a stack of books on a near by table, the pile falling to the floor as she pulled away the right tome. "Binding spells right? Hmmm, I wasn't able to find much. They only work on magical beings, and from what little I could find it would seem that even the First Borns never mastered them."

The mirror seemed to ponder her words for a moment. "More interested in unbinding. Is it possible?" Arri thumbed through the pages. "If someone was actually able to cast a binding spell, they would be able to undo it with ease. However, only the original caster can remove the binding."

The reflection seemed displeased by this news, though being a shadowy expressionless mass it was hard to tell for sure. Finally it spoke again. "What of the blood?" Arri raised a brow as her lip curled upward. "Blood? What you mean bloodline?" The image nodded.

Several more pages turned as she looked for an answer, muttering to herself. "Yes, in theory, someone in the original casters bloodline could remove the bond. However, they must do so in the same state as the caster. The unbinder must love, hate, or whatever the bond, just as the original caster had."

The shadowy form seemed to smile now, which made Arri feel uneasy. "Most helpful little elf. You will be rewarded." And with those words the shadow was gone as Arri was once again staring at herself. "What ever you say figment of my over active imagination brought about by bad sea food and or drugs..." She scoffed.

A loud knock at the shop door downstairs nearly scared the life out of her. Always the smart ass tempting fate she thought. With the mace she often used as a door stop in hand she crept down stairs to the door. "Shops closed! Come back in the morning!" She called out. There was no answer.

Finally she gathered up her courage and swung the door wide while holding the mace above her head like a raving lunatic. There was no one there. In fact the street was empty, the drunks having long since wandered off. This was fortunate she thought, as the breeze reminded her of the pants she wasn't wearing.

Suddenly she noticed a small pouch sitting on the mat of the door step. Carefully she lifted it, gave it a little shake, and smiled to the sound of the gold coins with in. "Well now, the creepy bitch pays generously."

Arri slammed the locks tight to the door and cheerfully returned to her loft. Good ending to a strange night.
Arri's late night
A short story I'm working on for my larger World Akasha story. This is a rough draft to the pages I plan to draw out soon.

Arri can be seen here:…

World Akasha and the characters within are copyright to me, no use without permission. Fan art is always welcome.
I'm currently working on the outline for chapter two. It is going well. I plan to go into it in greater detail later.

In other news, I updated my phone from the 4s to the 5s. Always an S behind, heh.

I'm using DAs app for this entry.


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Originally born in the Hell fires of California, he would become a world traveler before finally settling down in the dreaded K.C. Metropolis. Now he masters his skill set all the while plotting to unleash his twisted tales upon the unsuspecting world.

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